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I have been in the Argyll area now since 2005 and I am constantly being asked to add the playgroups, nurseries and schools to my business portfolio.

I am only interested in the local education establishments and I am inviting a select few to be part of the Perfect Images family.

Being a local for the locals it is totally to our advantage to work together.

This is my offer-

Having a different and more up to date idea of photography gives you a new and fresh approach.

I am a local, well established photographer with 19 years experience behind me, but I still have love and passion for my craft, and I believe that with my positive attitude and skill, I am the best local person for this job.

Due to the nature of school pictures I am unable to display any images to show off my work.

For a full presentation please contact me directly on 01631 571179

For more information please contact me, Justin, on 01631 571179 or email me

Call me on 01631 571179 or Email me
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