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Why Use a Professional?

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With the advent of affordable, professional standard digital cameras, just about anyone can call themselves a professional photographer. It may come as a surprise to you but the law does not require a professional photographer to have any qualifications, training or experience! It is all too easy to get a website, some business cards, and an impressive looking camera and start calling yourself a wedding photographer, even if you have never been to a wedding.

Wedding photography is something that most people only ever buy once, and because of this, brides seldom know the potential pitfalls or what relevant questions to ask to sort the good from the bad. Remember, there are cowboys in every industry!

I suggest that you call a Professional anyone who has captured, at least, 50 full Weddings, and I would like to see them capture at least 100 Weddings.

By booking me as your wedding photographer I am committed to provide you with the highest quality of personal service with an open and honest approach. As an established professional I aim to exceed your expectations giving you confidence and one less thing to worry about.

10 reasons why to choose professional wedding photographer Justin Dammarell:

  1. Expertise: As a full time professional wedding photographer I have over 23 years experience photographing weddings and events internationally, specialising in capturing real moments through reportage and documentary wedding photography. I also have extensive location portraiture and lifestyle photography experience
  2. Unique skills: Through my extensive and varied experiences I have developed an instinctive ability to anticipate peoples actions and reactions during a wedding day before they happen so I can manoeuvre into position to capture these special wedding moments creatively and unobtrusively
  3. Unique style: As a professional wedding photographer I have a distinctive and creative style of photography, unlike a friend with a camera. From my experience no two couples are the same and your wedding photos should reflect your true personalities. I am there to ensure that this and the true essence of your wedding day are recording faithfully, to create images that are unique for you
  4. Equipment: To ensure that I am able to supply the highest quality and reliability all my equipment is a professional grade. The cameras are Nikonís flagship models enabling superior image capture. The optics are AF-S Nikkorís professional series lenses that ensure sharp and crisp images. All my professional camera equipment is regularly maintained and spare equipment is always carried should any problems occur
  5. Customer service: As a registered professional I pride myself on providing the highest customer service. From the initial consultation, pre wedding shoot, wedding planning, during your wedding day and after the wedding, I am there to provide you with a personal service of the highest quality tailored to your individual needs. I can be contacted at anytime to discuss your wedding plans and offer advice. I like to build a rapport with all my couples so on the day you feel relaxed as if I was friend taking the photos. Here are some of my testimonials
  6. Planning: Many photographers don't bother with much preparation or planning. They think that because they know the venue, they don't need to go there beforehand. I believe the more knowledge you arm yourself with, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. Remember, a non professional is highly unlikely to have even been to a location in the first place
  7. Due diligence: As a professional wedding photographer working with digital media it is important to ensure this data is stored safely. Your digital negatives are duplicated 3 times and a backup is stored off site
  8. Digital Post Production: In addition to creative enhancements digital styling is also undertaken so each individual wedding photo is a work of art for you to enjoy. Many amateurs and enthusiasts have very limited or no post production skills. Also, looking your best on your wedding day is important and occasionally that may require a little sympathetic digital enhancement to remove a blemish for example. This can be done so that it looks perfectly natural
  9. Challenging light conditions: As a professional wedding photographer I have to deal with varying light conditions from bright direct sunlight to overcast dull skyís, low light conditions, night time scenes, candle lit rooms to flood lit exteriors. Dealing with these in a live situation to achieve exceptional results requires both technical skill, quick thinking and extensive experience in order to achieve both creative and guaranteed results
  10. Lifetime of memories: After the wedding your wedding photographs and wedding album represent forever lasting memories and a reminder of all the special moments. A true photo documentary of your wedding day containing all the details, your guests and the first look of the groom as he sees his bride for the first time, the joyful laughter and tears during the speeches and of course your first dance

Would you really leave all these precious moments to a friend who has a good camera, or a photographer who thinks he or she is a professional?

For more information please contact me, Justin, on 01631 571179 or email me.

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